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Our vision

Sunovative Private Limited is a green energy solution provider company recognized by Ministry(MNRE) of New and Renewal Energy, India. It is a sister concern of Shahiblal Ramnath Sharraf (Jwellery Manufacturing and retailing) established business house for more than 15 year in the heart of kota city. Sunovative provides complete engineering procurement and construction (EPC) Services with Turnkey solutions from concept to commissioning of large, medium & small solar photovoltaic system ranging from KW to MW scale.

Our mission is to continue to help in expanding the global solar energy industry with complete awareness about its technology and their uses for benefit of envirment and people of the world to make it as clean , reliable and reachable energy source for everyone.

Sunovative Private Limited is committed to customer satisfaction by offering technical premium photovaltaic system and services which are highly competitive time by: Developing an organization that encourage innovation, empowerment and respect of every customer, Update and upgrade its processes to meet the ever changing business requirements and Complying with all applicable statutory and legal requirements.

What We Do?

As more homes and businesses across the country install solar panels, our nation moves farther away from fossil fuel consumption and closer to a clean economy powered by the sun. The benefits of this transition are enormous.

Solar energy’s dividends don’t simply benefit you – the system owner. They benefit anyone who enjoys having a cleaner and more sustainable environment (which means everyone). Renewable energy sources like solar can reduce your home’s greenhouse gas emissions and help the environment.

Solar energy is a modular technology, meaning you can install as many or as few panels as you like – whenever you like. Each new kilowatt of installed solar capacity brings you bigger electricity bill savings. With a large enough installation, it’s possible to reduce your energy bill completely. Thanks to solar energy.

Sunovative and Power Systems designs and installs unique solar systems for your home and business based on your specific needs, budget, and consumption.


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We are pioneers in the field of Energy Conservation

Remember solar energy has been used by our ancestors in many ways. The glass lenses were used for creating fire by magnifying the sun rays. Even prior to that, the flint stones were used to create fire. Now the solar energy can be harnessed for creating electricity which could be stored and distributed in a pollution free atmosphere. Large investment is one of the primary reasons why solar energy is still not used by many people across the world.

We want to make a difference in your lives by providing economical solutions for energy conservation and utilization of naturally occurring resources in a cost effective way so as to preserve the delicate balance in our surroundings. The climate challenge is a clear indication that something is wrong. We must cut across national boundaries and work jointly to protect and preserve our natural resources. Go for Solar Zone and ensure a cleaner world to live.

Sunovative longevity and rigorous quality control standards ensure that customer will never have unexpected performance drop offs over the lifespan of their solar system. While other solar system.At sunovative, We beleive green products should also be made using green production processes. That is why we endeavor to make our manufacturing process as environmentally and resoures friendly as possibe, ensuring that our products are sustainable befor ever creating a single watt of renewable energy. Read value is being in the solar business for the all the right resons.